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Moto Metal Wheels have been pushing themselves to come up with crazy unique style designs for lift-trucks, jeep, and SUVs. Moto Metal’s inspiration and design were developed from the motocross and dirt racing world. Working with Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Johnson, they came up with some pretty prominent designs that are still influenced in today’s styles. Moto Metal always seems to come out with some of their wildest designs right alongside some of the cleanest in the market, like the MO977LINK - Gun Metal and MO979 BUCKSHOT- Chrome with Gun Metal. Moto Metal is not new in the industry, and they know the market and have stayed ahead.

They know almost all trends that are currently out there. They have their cast lineup and they also have their two-piece cast wheels which takes some of the most popular styles of the cast lineup but makes a two-piece version of them: MO200, MO201, MO202. They also have their forged lineup: MO400, MO401, MO402. Moto Metal forged wheels are some of the most affordable forged wheels on the market and they’re a great place to go if you want to ball hard but not spend specialty Ford’s pricing on a set of wheels. Moto Metal wheels are the only company that actually stocks their forged wheels. What does that mean for you? The 6 to 12 weeks process that is takes to create a forged wheels isn’t there and you get your wheels really fast.

Moto Metal also has a line of wheels people LOVE. The Moto Wheel MO962. This specific wheel is the top of the truck game now. The clean flat spokes and really big lip really pushed the lasses more idea. The MO962 has no exciting skulls, no crazy shotguns, and no wild spoke designs, but people LOVE it. This style kind of really pushed Moto Metal Wheels over the edge as being one of the top wheel brands out there. The MO970 is the same concept, with the basic and simple concept wheel look. Many other companies are trying to copy and mimic this look. The reason why people love this look is that you can put these wheels on any vehicle you want, you can style it however you want. A lot of people custom powder coat them to give it their own unique look because it’s such a simple wheel, but it’s a timeless design

Originated from Southern California, Moto Metal Wheels has unique designs that match your specific taste. They’ve stayed ahead with all their designs and styles on the market and know what’s popular and what to do. They speak design range from complex to simple, and their finishes range from matte/ gloss black/ chrome/ PVD. Have you decided on your wheels style, finish, bolt pattern, wheel diameter, offset, and center bore size? start shopping! carries the latest custom wheels from Moto Metal Wheels. Offers Free shipping anywhere in Canada, all products sold comes with 365 days return and lowest price guarantee.

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