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Optima batteries is an authorized dealer of the car, truck, and marine batteries. Offering power ignition and long life, Optima batteries is beyond a doubt a leading brand in the realm of batteries. Top notch batteries are stuffed with the innumerable features to make the customer’s experience better day by day. High performance is a guaranteed affair if you put your hands on these adept batteries.

Optima batteries are exclusively in the range of AGM batteries, whose masterly performance is its trademark.

Types of Batteries:

  1. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat):AGM batteries are high performing batteries that are specially composed with the high discharge and recharge abilities. The electrolytes have a close encounter with the plates in case of AGM batteries which makes it a wet cell battery.
  2. GEL Batteries: GEL batteries are the liquid free batteries which contain the silica addictive in place of liquid electrolyte that causes get into the inelastic form. These forms of batteries generally have low recharge-ability.
  3. VRLA Batteries: (Valve-regulated Lead Acid) VLRA batteries are the type that encompasses a valve mechanism to have an easy break free of hydrogen and oxygen.
  4. Flooded (Wet cell) Batteries: Flooded batteries are the conventional batteries which let the electrolyte flow within the cell section. There is a constant need to pour in the distilled water to keep the battery moist for it to function properly.
  5. Sealed Batteries: Sealed batteries essentially run on the same principle as that of flooded batteries, except for the one variation that the amount of acid within the sealed battery is enough to fuel the chemical process all through.

Special features of Optima Batteries:

  1. 5-second ignition start: Optima batteries come with a powerful ignition that kick starts in the micro span of 5 seconds.
  2. Increased lifespan: Optima batteries have an increased lifespan of up to 2 times than the usual run.
  3. Low Maintenance: The low maintenance is a plus factor that keeps the optima batteries ahead of any other brand.
  4. Fast Charging: The instilled capability to get charged at a faster speed is another feather in the hat of Optima batteries.
  5. Spill Proof: The Optima batteries are absolutely spill-proof irrespective of the position it is being held.

Popular Products:

  1. Optima REDTOP Batteries
  2. Optima YELLOWTOP Batteries
  3. Optima BLUETOP Batteries is an authentic distributor of these branded batteries. It offers an easy facility to call for any desired accessory at your doorstep at just a single mouse-click. An easy 365 days return policy is advanced to its customer for further convenience.