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Established in 1952 by TJ Reese, Reese manufactures trailer hitches and is a leading supplier of trailer parts, hitches and truck accessories. The company offers high-quality, innovative products.

PartsEngine carries the complete Reese product line at the lowest prices. If you buy Reese products from us, your product will come with complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty.

Why choose Reese Products?

Reese is known for bringing the most innovative, high performing and superior quality products. The company constantly employs leading-edge tools to increase the quality and the performance of the product even further. Reese provides valuable, reliable, and durable products that are easy to install.

Reese's heavy-duty Fifth Wheel product line is perfect for safe towing for campers. The fifth wheel provides balance and control with the weight distribution system. Different specifications are available as per load requirement within this product range. The fifth wheel is heavy duty and can be installed easily.

Reese SC Weight Distribution System with sway control provides consistent control in any conditions. The tapered spring bars reduces installation time and provide superior weight distribution performance.

Reese R2 Fifth Wheel Hitch includes a vibration isolator system and can be used with Sidewinder. The R2 Fifth Wheel Hitch is of superior quality and durability. The R2 Fifth Wheel Hitch eliminates the need for separate latch.

Reese Products in Canada

PartsEngine is an authorized Canadian retailer operating since 2012. We provide extensive Reese products. If you have any queries about towing, give us a call. We provide the best power towing equipment delivered at your doorstep. We source high-quality Products at affordable prices. PartsEngine provides free shipping, no duty or customs fee, and 365 days return policy.

If you are unable to find any product you want on our site, give us a call! We will surely have the Products stocked in our warehouse.

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