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When you want to upgrade the look and braking performance of your vehicle, think StopTech Sports Rotors. They are direct replacement discs for factory brake systems using stock calipers and wheels. They offer great braking performance and reduce fade as well as other advantages the competition doesn’t offer. Like all centric parts rotors, StopTech Sports Rotors is engineered in-house to provide optimal performance and tested in one of four in-house brake dynamometers to ensure reliable dependable and predictable braking and long service life. StopTech Sports Rotors are finished with a black E-coating on both sides of the hat inside the cooling vanes and on the outside edge. This electrostatically applied finish is superior to the paint finishes used by many competitors and has been tested to withstand 400 hours of salt spray exposure without rusting. This means much greater service life, especially on icy, salt infested Canadian winter roads

StopTech Sports Rotors also feature double disc ground rotor surfaces easier bet in 100% machine finishes for a more finished look and mill balance for smooth operation at all speed. High carbon alloy metallurgy is another exclusive feature of many StopTech rotors in specific vehicle applications a proprietary blend of molybdenum-chromium and carbon is used to increase hardness and tensile strength. The result is a rotor that reduces pad squeal, especially with higher friction European-style brake pad compounds. It resists rotor cracking during high-performance use or repeated stop situation and the high carbon content also increases the friction couple to improve brake performance and stopping power.

StopTech Sport Rotors are available in drilled, slotted or drilled and slotted finishes. Drilling and/or slotting surface helps prevent pad glazing by constantly scraping the pad surface clean, wipes away debris and gases that form between the pad and rotor surface for a better friction couple. Increases initial bite with more aggressive design and improves both wet and dry performance. For daily driving, each style will increase braking performance. The driver can choose any option of surface finish, coupled with a high-quality premium pad. The driver will benefit from an increased initial bite and excellent day to day drivability. Selected cars are delivered with drilled rotors from the OE manufacturers, matching this spec is not a problem with StopTech. Maintaining OEM performance will also require the selection of a premium.

StopTech Brake PadFor track use, spirited driving in heavy high-powered vehicles or towing, slotted rotors are recommended. Due to high temperatures, a high-performance or racing pad is also recommended. This combination will yield the longest service lift under demanding driving conditions. Nearly all StopTech sports rotors have unique slot or hole patterns for left and right side applications and straight vein or pillar vein are used to ensure a drilled hole never touches a cooling vane. Whether you choose drilled, slotted, or drilled and slotted, choose StopTech!

All StopTech rotors provide improved cooling, manufacturer equivalent or better specifications and a number of innovative design details that result in optimal stopping power. Offers Free shipping anywhere in Canada, all products sold comes with 365 days return and lowest price guarantee.

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