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TruXedo specializes in one thing, and one thing only, and that is a wide variety of bed cover solutions and accessories for a wide variety of rigs, including your 2015 and newer truck.

TruXudo's patented automatic tension control ensures the cover stays tight and smooth so it looks good in all temperatures and weather conditions. Perfect for Canadian truck driver, because in Canada, we need to deal with some hot summers where get a little loose or some cold winters where the cover tends to tighten up. This automatic tension control will be very beneficial for us to help control the cover and keep it tight or loose depending on what you need. TruXedo custom tailor each cover to your truck specific year make and model for a guaranteed fit. When used with the locking tailgate, TruXudo bed covers will keep your belongings secure all year round. Its tight front and tailgate seals keep the elements and weather out, everything from dust in the dirt to rain and snow. TruXedo has a passion for automotive customization. Your satisfaction is their ultimate goal. They have the best warranties in the industry. Shop for your TruXedo soft or hard Tonneau cover on today!

Soft roll-up Tonneau covers

TruXedo Deucethe only soft tonneau on the market that not only rolls up from the rear but also fold back from the front. The Deuce is a great-looking, low-profile cover. It only sits three-quarter of an inch above the side rail. It improves the appearance on any truck. All TruXedo tonneau covers are American-made using only the best materials including strong aluminum and a durable ripstop tarp all backed by a lifetime warranty. It comes in one small box with no small pieces to assemble. It attaches with no drill adjustable clamps and usually in stalls in less than 20 minutes. What makes the deuce different is the exclusive front hinge panel. The 30-inch wide front panel has dual latching system, which means you can open it from either the driver or the passenger side. It's very easy to reach things that misplaced at the front and even those that may have shifted during transit. That's Deuce, a versatile cover that offers complete bed access from the rear and the front.

TruXedo PROX15all new premium soft roll-up truck bed cover. It is engineered to have an extra low-profile design for a sleek integrated appearance. The cover features an amazing-looking matte black woven fabric that complements the look of your truck. You can install the ProX15 in 20 minutes without drilling or special tools. It has an industrial-grade hook-and-loop system that seals the cover to the rail. All ProX15 is backed with lifetime warranty.

TruXedo Lo Pro#1 selling soft roll-up truck bed cover in North America. Its signature low-profile design fits low on your truck bed for an integrated look. It features our UV resistant, industrial leather grain that enhances the look of any truck. Lo Pro is equipped with our quick-release system, allow you to remove the entire cover in seconds without the need for any tools. Backed with Lifetime warranty.

TruXedo EdgeTruXedo Edge has a distinct arched tailgate design with quality leather grain fabric. The roll-up design is the best bet for owners who need to utilize their entire bed at a moment's notice, but not impair the view out of the rear window as a folding cover would. You can roll the entire cover up and out of the way in a matter of seconds, without blocking the vision of your rear window. TruXedo incorporated a horizontal support which is built into the cover itself (removable). This prevents the cover from sagging over the years, or when you get some big snow or rain on the cover. All TruXedo Edge comes with 5-year warranty.

TruxSportwhen you need the utility of a premium soft roll-up truck bed cover without the premium price tag, TruxSport by TruXedo has you covered. Their most affordable soft roll-up truck bed cover protects your cargo from the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Its UV resistant leather grain vinyl looks great on any truck. TruxSport is backed with TruXedu's 5-year warranty.

Hard roll-up Tonneau covers

TruXedo Titaniumfeaturing rotational locking rails that secure the cover the entire length of the bed on each side. This hard aluminum roll-up cover easily rolls up with one-handed operation and allows the use of every inch of the truck bed without blocking your rear window. The Titanium cover comes equipped with 3/4-inch Patented Rotational Locking Rails that lock the cover securely the entire length of the truck bed when latch. The 3/4-inch locking rail or "tooth" rotates into composite locking blocks inserted into each aluminum salt. the cover secures automatically when the spring-loaded locking levers are engaged as the roll top is closed. Now the locking rail and blocks are 2X larger, providing extreme security, easier installation and superior off-highway performance. Heavy-duty locking levers are now 3X thicker with reinforced gussets for added strength and are engineered to lock with no adjustment necessary. 3-year warranty.

TruXedo Sentry CTthe all-new Sentry CT by TruXedo hard roll-up bed cover comes equipped with our premium matte black woven fabric and features an Xtra-low profile look. The fabric is pressure bonded to heavy-duty black aluminum slats making Sentry CT the ultimate in strength and style.

TruXedo Sentrycombine all the great features of the Sentry CT but with an industrial-strength, leather-grain vinyl fabric. This hard roll-up style truck bed cover features an Extra-low profile. TruXedo pressure bonded the vinyl fabric to heavy-duty aluminum slats making Sentry the ultimate in durability and security.

Find the best TruXedo Tonneau soft/hard covers at Offers Free shipping anywhere in Canada, all products sold comes with 365 days return and lowest price guarantee.

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