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UWS – let us help you carry your tools

Leave the task of installing a perfect toolbox for your truck to keep the tools safe and organized on UWS. A renowned brand in the line of toolboxes, UWS has got a complete range of toolboxes to match your requirements. From crossover to utility chest boxes, UWS is performing par- excellence in framing the world-class durable toolbox designs for your trucks. The customization is being carried out beyond the imagination to cater to the need and requirement of every customer.

Types of Toolbox:

The variants of different shapes and styles of truck-bed toolboxes are made keeping in consideration the diversified needs and requirements. Few instances are quoted to depict the choices of toolboxes:

  1. Two-lid toolboxes are meant to have easy opening access from every corner. Having an opening from both the ends, the two lid boxes are a great way that naturally provides a sectional division for your tools.
  2. Crossover toolboxes are generally the most popular option which sails through the railing of your truck offering a flexible range of toolboxes. Addressing the concern of lumbering, crossovers slide through the corners which makes it an easy to move option that carries the heaviest of tools to either side of your truck with utmost ease and comfort.
  3. Chest utility toolbox works stupendously in case of tonneau cover being installed at the back of your truck. Offering a great space to keep your tools obscurely from any sort of natural degeneration (corrosion, rest) or human threat (theft etc). Chest utility boxes do not require any sort of modification and can easily be placed in your truck space.
  4. Side-mounted toolboxes also known as ‘inner side toolboxes’ are just the right pick in order for you to not just have an easy access to the tools but to make the sufficient availability of space for the rest of the luggage.
  5. The dog box is another category of special toolboxes to carry your pet safely along the journey.

Special features of UWS toolbox:

  1. High-quality Aluminium: The special feature of UWS toolboxes is the choicest ingredient which is the high-quality aluminium to construct the premium toolboxes for the truck.
  2. Reasonable price: A reasonable price accessory that adds enormous value to your truck carriage facility is what makes the UWS stand out of the box.
  3. Unlimited designs: The choice of boxes is extended to endless options where there is a toolbox of every design, shape and utility.

Popular Products of UWS:

The popular types of toolboxes covering almost every category are listed below:

  1. UWS Single-Lid Low-Profile Crossover Tool Box - Silver
  2. UWS Single-Lid Standard Slim Crossover Tool Box - Black
  3. UWS Hi-Side Mounted Tool Box - Silver
  4. UWS Standard Utility Chest Tool Box - Silver
  5. UWS Fifth Wheel Series Chest Tool Box
  6. UWS Chest Drawer Slide
  7. UWS Drawer Slide
  8. UWS Underbed Tool Box
  9. UWS Dog Box
  10. UWS Triangle Trailer Box
  11. UWS Tracking Collar Lock Box
  12. UWS ATV Mounted Tool Box
  13. UWS Footlocker Tool box
  14. UWS Wheel Well Tool Box with Drawer Slide
  15. UWS L-Shaped Liquid Transfer Tank – Silver

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