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Walker Exhaust Products

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Walker Exhaust – make yourself heard

Walker Exhaust is a premium brand in the range of mufflers. The high- quality muffler happens to cut down the unpleasant/irksome sound frequency of the engine to give you a smoother experience while driving. The quality range muffler of Walker Exhaust is nothing less than a promise of a robust and class accessory which aspires to improve the overall performance of your vehicle.

How does Muffler work?

Forming an integral part of the exhaust system of your vehicle, a muffler regulates the noise effect by cancelling the sound waves with one another that is usually caused when the high-pressure gas molecules conjunct with the low-pressure gas molecules. This mechanism allows the sound frequency to travel at a greater pace towards the outer channel which is then optimised with the help of a muffler. A muffler is connected to a resonator at the backend to receive the gas pressure emitted from the exhaust system and is greatly responsible for determining the pressure/gas outflow from your vehicle. An inconsiderate choice of the muffler can adversely affect the health of the vehicle’s engine.

Benefits of Muffler:

  1. Noise Control: The prime functionality of a muffler is to control the unpleasant sound of the engine. A muffler in simpler terms is an acoustic device to adjust the noise of the engine. The polarity between the low and the high engine sound is simply due to the task performed by a muffler.
  2. Improved fuel efficiency: The efficient exhaustion of wasteful gases from the channel of the muffler becomes a clear cause of fuel efficiency.
  3. Increased lifespan of an engine: When the backpressure of gases is efficiently handled by the muffler, the engine life is bound to extend. It not only increases the life of the engine but enhances the overall performance of the machinery as well.

Special features of Walker Exhaust mufflers:

  1. Stainless Steel: The common problem faced in the line of mufflers is the usual rusting process. This concern is dedicatedly addressed by the Walker Exhaust, which composes its mufflers from quality stainless steel.
  2. Reasonable Price: The quality products are available at PartEngine at reasonable prices and are delivered free of cost anywhere in Canada to extend the further convenience to our customers.
  3. Universal Fit: The Walker Exhaust mufflers come with a universal fit to provide you with a hassle-free encounter with/on its fitting.

Popular Products:

The product variants offered by Walker Exhaust are listed below:

  1. Walker Exhaust Pro-Fit Series Muffler
  2. Walker Exhaust Quiet-Flow SS Series Muffler
  3. Walker Exhaust Sound FX Direct Fit Series Muffler
  4. Walker Exhaust Sound FX Universal Series Muffler
  5. Walker Exhaust Tru-Fit Universal Series Muffler