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Weigh Safe for an Improved On-road Trailer Performancea

There’s one problem frequently encountered by people who hitch trailers- trailer stability. Sometimes there’s too much swaying and sometimes, the rear tire stability is compromised. There’s only one explanation to that problem- improper tongue weight. Weigh safe has come up with an innovative solution to this problem in the form of adjustable ball mounts that measure tongue weight.

What’s meant by tongue weight?

Tongue weight is the force exerted by trailer tongue upon on the hitch/tow ball. It should be between 10-15% of the gross trailer weight (GTW). GTW is the total weight of the trailer and cargo, to be carried by the towing vehicle.

Too low or too high tongue weight can compromise on-road trailer performance in the following ways:

  1. Low tongue weight increases trailer sway which hampers stability of towing vehicle and its maneuverability around curves and corners.
  2. It negatively affects the braking capability of towing vehicle.
  3. High tongue weight overloads rear tires of towing vehicle, making it difficult to steer and thus, compromising rear end stability.
  4. Improper tongue weight doesn’t allow the towing vehicle to reach its maximum efficiency as to maintain trailer stability, the driver has to maintain a below optimum speed level.
  5. It adversely affects trailer hitches and ball mounts as well. Excessive sway over a long period of time can break or weaken certain components of hitches and ball mounts.

How Weigh Safe helps to maintain proper tongue weight?

Weigh Safe has the perfect solution in the form of ball mounts that measure tongue weight as it connects to a coupler. It comes fitted with a scale that measures tongue weight at the time of loading.

Benefits of tongue weight measuring system included in Weigh Safe Ball Mounts

  1. Accurate measurement of tongue weight with indicators for too low or too high tongue weight.
  2. You can find out right at the time of loading whether the tongue weight lies within optimum range or not.
  3. Tongue weight can be adjusted by moving the load towards or away from trailer axle. If the tongue weight is too light, you can move the load towards trailer axle. Similarly, move it away in case tongue weight exceeds safe limits.

Ball mounted hitches are perfect for small/medium/full-sized cars, SUVs and crossovers, cargo vans, and pickups carrying a GTW up to 3500 lbs. You can choose from the wide range of Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mounts according to the towing capacity of your vehicle and width of the hitch receiver. Shop for high quality Weigh Safe products at Parts engine and enjoy free shipping anywhere in Canada.