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There's no doubt that spoilers look stylish. However, there's been a long standing debate regarding its role in improving car performance. In reality, a spoiler is more than what meets the eye. Spoilers are widely employed in high speed racing. In a sport where car weight determines podium finish, spoilers can't be just mere decorations. Broadly speaking, spoilers perform the following functions apart from enhancing a car's aesthetic appeal:

Improved Fuel Efficiency

A spoiler redirects head-on wind, allowing it to flow over, under, and around the hood of your car. As a result, car is able to propel itself forward with much less force, thus improving its aerodynamics. As energy consumption is reduced significantly, fuel efficiency automatically increases.

Prevents lifting of rear-end

Spoiler keeps rear end of the car close to ground at high speeds. Unlike airfoils, it doesn't exert downward force on the rear end of the vehicle which is known to improve traction and drag. It has its own mechanism for the same. It does so by redirecting airflow. It acts as a barricade to undesired airflow. Thus, incoming air stream is reshaped so as to offer minimum resistance. As the airstream is reshaped around the vehicle, it helps to keep the rear end down while speeding.

Better acceleration

Air resistance significantly reduces in the presence of spoilers. As air flow is redirected, instantaneous response to acceleration is greatly improved. Which in turn allow you to gain more speed with less effort. It also reduces load on engine, and as a result makes engine operation comparatively less intensive.

Increased visibility of car

Rear spoilers increase the visibility of your car from a distance. It's further enhanced if brake lights are installed on rear spoilers. It's a comprehensive approach to reduce accidents and mishaps in cases where lack of visibility poses a threat. That's another safety feature of spoilers. Even though spoilers are usually installed on the rear end, front end spoilers are not uncommon either. For best results, choose from a wide range of spoilers at Parts Engine, Canada’s leading outlet for truck and car accessories. They guarantee lowest prices and free shipping anywhere in Canada.

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