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People have often expressed their doubts regarding usefulness of winter fronts. They might not be used by everyone who owns a truck. However, this fact alone can’t negate its numerous benefits. On the other hand, the ones who've used it on their trucks can't stop raving about this amazing winter add-on.

What are winter fronts?

Winter fronts are vinyl screens mounted on the grill to protect engines from extreme cold temperatures.

Benfits of winters fronts

Winter fronts keep engine warm. This one benefit encompasses a series of positive effects on the overall vehicular performance, such as:

Hels engine reach full operating temperature:When trucks travel a short distance in extreme winters, they're not able to reach full operating temperature. This short duration cold weather operation is called ‘Severe Operating Conditions’. It takes a toll on engine performance and longevity. Winter fronts help engines reach full operating temperatures even through short durations.

Prevents moisture accumulation in engine: When cold moisture laden air reaches engine, condensation ensues and causes moisture accumulation. Over time, this condition leads to engine destruction. Winter front prevents moisture accumulation in engine, even when your truck is enjoying wintertime in garage.

Prevents sludge accumulation: Water accumulation in engine has another drawback. It increases the corrosion potential of acids used in motor oils, causing sludge accumulation. As a result, your truck needs frequent servicing and engine performance is hampered. Winter front is a true savior in this regard.

Prevents engine oil dilution: Cold running of engine along with long periods of inactivity can lead to thinning of engine oil. As engine oil loses viscosity, it also loses grip on engine components. It leads to increased wear and tear of engine components like piston, shaft, bearings, cylinder etc. A simple winter front installation can prevent all this.

How exactly winter fronts help?

  • Reduces the flow of extremely cold air inside engine compartment.
  • Helps engine reach full operating temperature in less time.
  • At higher temperature, engine is capable of burning off any built up condensation and fuel dilution.

Parts Engine offers lowest prices on FIA Custom Fit Winter Front, along with free shipping anywhere in Canada. With so many long term benefits of winter fronts, it's about time you make this small, one-time investment.

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